Bloody Mary Flight, Bin Wine Cafe

Welcome to the inaugural post of Bloody Best! Take a seat and join us for our first boozy brunch, won’t you?

The Marys decided upon Bin Wine Cafe in Wicker Park for our first post because it was where our friendship was born. And they have some damn good bloody marys.

For those unfamiliar with Bin Wine Cafe, it’s the smaller, casual off-shoot of Bin 36. Both restaurants have fabulous wine and cheese flights. So, it’s no surprise they serve a bloody mary flight for brunch.

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. A BLOODY MARY FLIGHT! Four 3 oz. samplings of deliciously unique bloody marys. Get in there.

Bucktown Mary is your classic, semi-spicy bloody with tabasco and a celery garnish.

Consuela Mary/Maria (Mary, if choose vodka. Maria, if you fancy tequila) is extra spicy with a hint of chipotle and a tortilla and lime garnish.

Asian Mary is subtly spicy with a hint of wasabi and ginger.

Italian Mary is basically pizza in a glass. Parmesan, fresh basil, tomato. Delicious.

Choosing a favorite in the flight is like choosing a favorite child. If we had to pick, the most creative, talented, stand-out bloody mary of the family is the Consuela Mary.

Conseula takes your typical, mildly spicy bloody mary and kicks it up three notches. Chipotle is the secret ingredient. If you don’t like yours spicy, it’s probably not for you. The garnishes—tortilla, lime, salt—give it a nice, though not overbearing, Mexican flair that nods to a michelada.

Pairings: Bin Wine Cafe’s brunch menu, which we believe is only served on Sundays, is just another reason to pop in. For those curious, we shared the brunch pizza and eggs in a crock. Simultaneously amazing and amazingly rich.

Consuela Mary: Our rating (scale of 1–5)

Taste:         4.5

Spicy:          4

Treats:        3.5

Creativity:  3

Overall:     4

Well, as you can see, Consuela Mary at Bin Wine Cafe is a must-drink bloody mary. You have plans next weekend. Go!

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5 thoughts on “Bloody Mary Flight, Bin Wine Cafe

  1. onthelees365 says:

    A Bloody Mary flight is probably the best idea I’ve heard in a loooong time! YUM!

    • bloodybest says:

      It’s brilliant! Great way to sample every bloody mary on the menu and decide which full-size option you want 🙂 They also have flights of mimosas, juice and milk, but of course, we love the bloodys!

  2. wineonmymind says:

    Great post ladies! Wish I’d seen this before the Tastathon!!! My daughter is a pastry chef living in Chicago- when we come to visit we’ll have to check this out. Good luck with the blog!!

  3. Dang! I want to try this one. Looks awesome.

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