Bloody Mary, Maria and Larry, Longman & Eagle

Dear friends, thanks for joining us once again for brunch. We saved this seat for you.

So, this weekend, we ventured to one of Chicago’s most venerated epicurean joints, and not to mention, one of our favorite, most frequented brunch spots—Longman & Eagle.

Of course, we ordered a Bloody Mary. And the Bloody Maria, which is made with tequila. Since Longman & Eagle is a whiskey bar, we just had to try the Bloody Lawrence, a bloody made with whiskey. Disclaimer: There were four of us in the party. In case your eyebrows got scrunchy.

That’s Bloody Mary, Maria and Lawrence, if you’re following along. When the bill came, the Bloody Lawrence was listed as Bloody Larry. We much preferred his business-casual moniker.

Mix: What’s interesting about the bloodys is that the mix, seasonings and garnishes are the same for all three. However, the flavors are subtly unique based on the key liquor. Our fantastic server filled us in on the bartender’s mix secrets: tomato juice, St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, celery salt, salt, pepper, and a glass rimmed with Old Bay.

Garnishes in the Longman & Eagle Bloody are clutch—lemon, lime, cheddar cheese and a cornichon (tiny sweet dill).

Let’s not forget that beer back of Old Style (or maybe Pabst), and the spicy raisin amuse bouche to boot. Super clutch.

Old Bay and St. Ambroise are the key differentiators, in our opinion.Our predisposal to this Bloody Mary though, made us notice that the spice had been turned down a notch from previous versions. We’re probably biased, but we prefer this bloody with a bit more punch.

Pairings: Longman makes a fantastic bloody, but let’s be honest, what we’re secretly here for is the food. The Marys had the Market Scramble and the Sunny Side Duck Egg Hash. Incredibly rich and savory. Our guests had the House Made Biscuits and Pork Sausage  Gravy and the Whole Hog Crepinette, which was seasoned pork atop cheesy grits and brussel sprouts. Not like any breakfast we ever had. Except maybe the biscuits and gravy. The table was 50% Hoosier, after all.


Bloody Mary, Maria and Larry: Our rating (scale of 1–5)

Taste:          4

Spicy:          2.5

Treats:        3

Creativity:  3.5

Overall:     4

Do yourself a favor and head on over to Logan Square this weekend. Bloody Mary, Maria and Larry await your visit.

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2 thoughts on “Bloody Mary, Maria and Larry, Longman & Eagle

  1. falling4food says:

    Love that you guys have a blog dedicated to bloody Mary’s! Definitely my favorite drink 🙂 wish I was in Chicago to follow along with ya! If you ever come to Philly go to brunch at north 3rd. Best bloody Mary I’ve had at a restaurant!

  2. bloodybest says:

    Thanks for the tip! We’ll definitely check it out if we’re brunching in the area.

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