Fountainhead Bloody Mary, Fountainhead

Summertime…and the living’s busssyyyy.

It’s barely July, and the summer has already been action packed. We’re going through a bloody mary withdrawal, to say the least. How about you?

For our most recent bloody, we ventured a bit further north to…

The signature bloody at Fountainhead came highly recommended by trusted foodie and ad friend Fresh and Foodie. Since this lady knows her booze and certainly knows how to cook with booze, we had to give this neighborhood gastropub a try. Plus, we were en route to a cookout nearby.

Behold the Fountainhead Bloody Mary, a breakfast libation to make your inner school girl blush.

The Fountainhead Bloody Mary is made with roasted poblano peppers, roasted garlic, roasted tomatillos, tomato juice and horseradish. So, not surprisingly, it had a bit of a kick.

This bloody mary was good, but we’ve had better. Something must have been off with the housemade mix the day we visited because I know Fresh and Foodie wouldn’t steer us wrong (though she recommends whiskey instead of vodka). Husband and honorary Mary, Mr. Davis, received a bloody that must have been heavy on the tomatillos and poblano peppers because it had a slightly greenish tint and was spicy in a not-so-good way. Even after asking the bartender to add a splash of tomato juice.

The garnishes, on the other hand, were the full package: olives, pickle, swiss cheese, poached shrimp, pepperoncini and genoa salami. Then again, a good garnish gets us every time.

Hearty brunch fare was on the menu. Most notable was the Phil’s Hangover with tater tots smothered in gravy and rauchbier cheese sauce and topped with bacon and a fried egg. What’s not to like here? And if we had to do it all over again, we’d try the Beignets and Pulled Pork Benedict. (I mean, who goes to brunch before a cookout anyway?)

Fountainhead Bloody Mary: Our rating (scale of 1–5)

Taste:         3

Spicy:          3

Treats:        4

Creativity: 3 

Overall:      3

Happy America Day everyone! And thanks for humoring this post’s obligatory innuendoes.
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