Garnish-Your-Own Bloody Mary, Chief O’Neill’s

“The patio is amazing.”

“Build-your-own bloody mary bar!”

“Huge buffet!”

All things we had all heard about Chief O’Neill’s prior to enjoying brunch there.

Of course, the day we went, it was raining. So, the patio was a no-go.

We were seated in “the attic,” the dark, slightly moody upstairs dining room. In retrospect, the attic is the ideal setting for shamefully gorging yourself on a brunch buffet. Easier to hide awkward food pairings or just how much you ate.

It’s still hard to wrap our heads around the smorgasbord of food options. Most of which were not native to brunch. The best part of the brunch experience? You’re encouraged to eat all of your favorite foods. Together.

Love waffles with a side of sushi? Done.

How about an extra bacon omelette paired with calamari with mac and cheese? You got it.

Yeah, this happened. All of it.

“It’s like the Disneyland of food,” was the most apt observation of the morning.

Not pictured in the spread: Ham carving station, Guinness and cheese soup, fish and chips, pasta salad, tacos. The list continues.

But it gets even more amazing. There’s a dessert bar with all of this.

There are not one, but two chocolate fondue fountains with sweets for dipping. Plus, fruit, mini creme brulee (personal fave), brownies, cookies, tarts, cake pops, cupcakes, cream puffs, pastries. All freshly made in house.

Oh yeah, they serve bloody marys, too.

Chief serves a solid bloody. We were told it was a build-your-own bar, but in actuality, it’s more of a garnish-your-own bar. They bring the bloody to your table, complete with a housemade mix and vodka. The mix itself is nicely spiced with notable horseradish, parmesan cheese and pepper flavors. It’s up to you how you want to top it off. And there’s yet another bar with garnishes including cheeses, olives, celery, shrimp, hot sauce and worcestshire sauce.

But let’s be honest, Chief O’Neill’s has a full cast of characters. And the bloody mary simply plays a supporting role.

Garnish-Your-Own Bloody Mary: Our rating (scale of 1–5)

Taste:         3.5

Spicy:          3

Treats:        3.5

Creativity: 4 

Overall:      3.5

By all means, get thee to Chief O’Neill’s for the brunch buffet and a bloody. Sit on the patio we didn’t get to enjoy.

But prepare yourself for this when you leave:

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2 thoughts on “Garnish-Your-Own Bloody Mary, Chief O’Neill’s

  1. Dang. (Nice Half Acre glass!)

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