Bloody Good Oscars Party

What did you do for The Oscars last Sunday?

The Marys attended the Oscars Party at Nellcôte . You know, because any blogger who’s anyone was there. Obviously. Nellcôte offered a glamorous, stylish backdrop for the party hosted by Kelly Ryan O’Brien and the Chicago Blogger Network.

And while most of the beautiful people there were reviewing the gowns on the red carpet, we were busy reviewing the movie-themed cocktails. Because that’s how we do.

We were  stoked to receive a party-ready bottle of Moët as soon as we stepped in the door. Who doesn’t love a champagne party favor?


Now, on to the fun cocktails. The first one we tried was the Silver Linings. It was made with Belvedere, Combier Grapefruit, fresh lemon, Yellow Chartreuse Rinse. Light, refreshing and slightly tart. Neither of us had seen the movie, but we imagine it being just as good.

Silver Linings Cocktail Nellcote Oscars

Next up was Zero Dark Thirty. It lived up to its inspiration: dramatic, suspenseful and memorable. And the ingredients were as complex as the movie’s plot: Hennessy VS, Hum, rare tea cellars, earl grey tea, blood orange, Cherry Heering and Moët Imperial Champagne. Given its interesting mix of flavors, the Hennessy and blood orange stood out without overpowering.


Oh and there was a photo booth. If you’re interested in who plays the starring drinking roles in this blog, voila!

Photo Booth Nellcote

Special thanks to the Chicago Blogger Network, Nellcôte, Kelly Ryan O’Brien and mixologist for such a fun event and delicious cocktails. Cheers!

And by the way, this wasn’t our first rodeo at Nellcôte. Check out our review of brunch here.

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4 thoughts on “Bloody Good Oscars Party

  1. chef mimi says:

    How fun is that?!!!

  2. stylesound says:

    Loved the Silver Linings… they should make it a regular on the menu!

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