Build-Your-Own Bloody Mary, Green Door Tavern

We’ve lost track of how many people have commented, emailed, tweeted and told us in person to try the build-your-own bloody mary bar at Green Door Tavern.

So, alas, we did.

It certainly wasn’t our first rodeo at Green Door. Both of the ladies behind this blog used to work close to this fine drinking establishment and our good friends living in close proximity give us excuses to go back. Green Door is supposedly Chicago’s oldest running tavern, dating back to 1921. We’ve always liked Green Door for its chill vibe and no-nonsense clientele. It’s certainly a hidden (and non-fussy) gem in River North.

This was our first brunch here. Apparently there was a dress code that particular morning because all of our man friends randomly wore blazers.

Ladies and gents, the Blazer Brothers.


Now that we’ve distracted you with all of these good looking men, let’s chat about the bloody mary bar. The bar itself was impressive with its an endless feast of mixes, spices, hot sauces, juices and garnishes. Basically, you get a pint glass with ice and vodka and the rest is up to you. For starters, there were 4 mixes: Housemade bloody mix, Clamato, V8 and tomatillo. Plus, at least 30 hot sauces.


It’s hard (and maybe conceited) of us to review a bloody we made ourselves. So, we’ve decided to offer a few helpful hints instead.

Pro Tips for Bloody Mary Bars

  1. Make a game plan: Yeah, there are a lot of options. It’s best to do a quick scan of the ingredients and choose a few to start out.
  2. Hold your horses: So many options at your fingertips can be overwhelming. And it’s tempting to throw in everything you like at once. Don’t go crazy.
  3. Express yourself: Ok, go crazy. Now’s the time to get creative. Never tried celery bitters? Throw a few splashes in. Wonder how mustard tastes in a bloody? Go for it.
  4. Taste as you go: You’ve thrown in stuff left and right. Now, pause to sip in the fruits of your labor. Your bloody could probably use a little extra seasoning or spice.

Voila! Behold our creations. Pretty damn good, if we say so ourselves. Oh wait, we did.

So, next week, get thee to Green Door Tavern and get creative with your bloody brunch. Ok?



Restaurant Information

* Restaurant Name
Green Door Tavern
* Overall
* Neighborhood / Cuisine
Near North Side / American New
* Street Address
678 N. Orleans St. (W. Huron St.), Chicago, IL 60654
* Phone
(312) 664-5496
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3 thoughts on “Build-Your-Own Bloody Mary, Green Door Tavern

  1. organicgelly says:

    LOVE THIS!!! You ladies are awesome. I look forward to reading everything bloody mary, and drinking some with you in the future 😉

  2. bloodybest says:

    Likewise! We look forward to checking out your recipes and food recos. And we’re always down for new brunch dates 🙂

  3. […] our first rodeo with a bloody mary bar, we were quite impressed. It’s hard to compare it to Green Door because this one is less build-from-scratch and more dress-it-up […]

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