Bloody Mary, The Peasantry

We’re perplexed when someone asks where to brunch in Lakeview or Lincoln Park.

We have nothing against the neighborhoods, to say the least. Hell, one of the ladies of this blog spent three years living on the north side, nestled right up to Boystown and Wrigleyville. We’re just not up with what’s delicious and fun there these days.

The Peasantry is a north side joint that’s been getting a lot of buzz and one we’ve been stoked to try. Its focus is elevated street food, sourcing ingredients locally, using prime cuts, and making accoutrements in-house.


So the bloody mary. The flavors are definitely unique. We couldn’t put our fingers on what’s in the mix. It’s slightly sweet and sour.  Sip. Discuss. Repeat. And Repeat. We still couldn’t figure it out. Kimchi? Maybe. The server wasn’t sure. Possibly paprika.

The menu said the bloody came with “blue-cheese stuffed peppadew and pork sausage,” so we were surprised when it arrived garnished with shrimp and corn on the cob. Summer edition, we suppose. We appreciate the uniqueness, but would have loved it to be more on the spicy than sweet side.

Speaking of unique, the brunch menu certainly is. Point in case, braised octopus hash that comes bacon lardons, chorizo, roasted fingerling potatoes, onions, bell peppers, hard boiled eggs, spicy maple glaze & peppadew aioli. Wut. One of us had to try this interesting flavor combo.


One thing cool about the menu is that each dinner and lunch option comes with a beer and wine pairing recommendation. Certainly takes the guesswork out.


The best part of the pork belly sandwich, hands down, is the brussels sprout slaw. If only it could have come with a side of it.


“Look, the sausage is taking a nap!” (Get it? The bread is a bed and the egg is the blanket).  The brunch dog is a favorite served at sister restaurant Franks ‘n Dawgs. Anyone been there? BTW they serve a bacon mac ‘n cheese dog.

The food was good, but like many other trendy brunch spots these days, it’s rich.


Also enjoyed. Fitting too: one of us is an Amber, the other is a (Honey) Badger. No one is from Wisconsin.

The Peasantry Bloody Mary: Our rating (scale of 1–5)

Taste: 3

Spice: 2.5

Treats: 3

Creativity: 3.5

Overall: 3

Help keep us hip: what are your favorite brunch spots in Lakeview and Lincoln Park?

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4 thoughts on “Bloody Mary, The Peasantry

  1. Ryan says:

    Two Sparrow! For god’s sake.

  2. Taverna 750! I agree with you about your thoughts on the food there at The Peasantry. Seems to be all over the place as far as flavors and ideas. In my opinion, there are other places better for brunch in E. Lakeview. Still though, great post. Enjoying the blog! Alliance formed!

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