Happy Absolut Chicago Day

It’s not too often that a whole day is dedicated to both vodka and the city we love.

But today is just that. Happy Absolut Chicago Day!


To celebrate, there are several boozy brunch and lunch events all around the city today. Kick the day with a bloody brunch. Then move on to a scavenger hunt and finally to a dance party lunch break sponsored by Flavorpill. We would have pulled a Ferris Bueller-style day off if we could have gotten away with it.

Alas, we did start the celebration a little earlier. A few weeks ago, we indulged our faces off at the Absolut Chicago launch at Hubbard Inn.

Since the day is about boozy breaks, let’s take a time out and talk about the vodka. If you haven’t tried Absolut Chicago, it’s highly recommended. Not only is it packaged in a gorgeous, Chicago-inspired bottle designed by Threadless contest winner Ross Bruggink, the vodka is damn good. On its own. We were skeptical by the olive and rosemary flavor, but it’s subtle and natural tasting unlike other flavored vodkas. And it was great in a bloody. Which brings us back to brunch.


The rosemary flavor takes charge in a bloody that’s complex and spicy.  It’s calming though, with floral notes and a touch of olive and sweetness that create an interesting balance.

We left brunch full and a little hazy, in a good way. The cocktail menu and brunch foods were to die for. The bartender served his spin on a mimosa, vodka lemonade and Moscow mule made with Absolut Chicago. All of which were amazing.


Let your celebrations begin! Cheers.

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3 thoughts on “Happy Absolut Chicago Day

  1. Shannon says:

    How cool! I hope I can find a bottle next time I’m in the Chicago area.

    Cheers + Happy Absolut Chicago Day!

  2. I need one of these bottles.

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