Last-minute gift ideas for bloody mary lovers

Like it or not, the holidays are in full swing.

And we know you’re not finished with shopping yet. Well, if you’re anything like us.

The gals of Bloody Best are here to help. Here are our top 5 gift picks for the bloody mary fanatic in your life. You know, the gifts we want to give (ourselves).


1. Stu’s Bloody Mary Mixology Kit: We had the pleasure of trying Chicago-born Stu’s This is Bloody Mary concentrate this summer. Briny and spicy, all you have to do is add it to tomato juice, and voila, you’ve customized a bloody mary. This kit lets you play mixologist with two concentrates, ghost papper hot sauce, sweet corn glass rimmer and key lime juice. The kit’s on backorder on Stu’s site, but snag it from Anthropologie, $40.

2. Glimmer Wrapped Glassware: Let’s be real. Anthro is, hands down, the go-to place for gifts. From jewelry to books to adorable kitchenware, there’s something for every lady in your life. And wouldn’t your next bloody mary look downright stunning served in these high ball glasses? Comes in both silver and gold. Mix, match, get crazy. Anthropologie, $16-18.

3. UV Sriracha Vodka: We haven’t had the chance to try this yet, but we’re dying to do so. The spicy condiment that’s taken the world by storm and stirred controversy now comes in vodka form, thanks to UV Vodka. Sriracha’s an essential in our homemade mixes, so we can imagine it would be a flavor hit in our favorite drink. And this vodka would make a stellar hostess gift or stock stuffer (hint hint). Binny’s, $9.99.

4.  Martha Stewart Collection Recipe Cocktail Shaker: Why does Martha have to be so damn good at everything? Even making barware. She could at least leave something for the rest of us so we don’t feel like failures. At any rate, we love the idea of this recipe shaker that lets you select a drink and then get the ingredients and proper measurements for mixing it. Macy’s, $43.

5. Rokz Bloody Mary Salt: Everyone knows the garnish is the cherry on top for a bloody mary. Dress up your glass and add a little extra flavor with this bloody mary salt on the rim. Pay no attention to the weird name. Amazon, $8.29. 

Best of luck with the rest of your holiday shopping! Want more gift ideas? Check out our Pinterest board and follow us while you’re there. Cheers!

Head’s up: No compensation was received for products mentioned in this post. We just think they’re cool 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Last-minute gift ideas for bloody mary lovers

  1. Shannon says:

    Great idea (and post)! I tried Stu’s at the One of a Kind show & loved it!

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