High fives to George’s Bloody Mary Mix

Who else out is there reminiscing about warmer days of yesterday? You remember, the days when you could sit outside and enjoy a cold beverage.

Yeah, us too. And it’s not that we’re woefully behind on posts that we have these glorious pics as a reminder. No, not at all.

We had the pleasure of sampling George’s Bloody Mary Mixes a few warmer months ago. For those unfamiliar, George’s hails from Maryland with its Mild and Original Spicy varieties.


Well, we tried both of George’s gems, and they are among the best to come out of a bottle. Let’s talk about the Mild first. There’s something to be said for simple ingredients, and you can taste them in this mix. The tomato flavor shines through with hints of spice, lemon and worcestershire sauce lingering on the palate. You can really taste the horseradish in this guy. Tangy, yes, but also slightly sweet.



While we liked the Mild mix, we overwhelmingly preferred the Original Spicy for obvious reasons. We like the heat. And we felt the flavor in this bloody mary mix was bolder and more assertive. The horseradish takes charge in this rendition, giving the mix spice that reminded us slightly of cocktail sauce. In a really good way. Tastes of lemon and worcestershire also come through. It’s almost as if they took the local flavors of Maryland and bottled it. (Can we get a crabcake already?)

Consider this a virtual high five to the makers of George’s Bloody Mary Mixes. You done good. Really good.

For those in the Maryland area, grab these mixes up! For those who aren’t, good news! You can buy them online.

*Products were complimentary. Opinions and photography are our own. 

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5 thoughts on “High fives to George’s Bloody Mary Mix

  1. Lilly Sue says:

    Oh boy, now I want a bloody Mary and a crab cake!!

  2. That’s quite a skewer you’ve got goin’ there!

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