La Maria India and Margarita Carmesi, Las Palmas

If you could guess anything about us from browsing our corner of the internet, besides the fact we love bloody marys, is that we love brunch with a Mexican flair. If there’s a Mexican-inspired dish on the menu, at least one or both of us is ordering it. Yeah, we’re that cutesy couple that always orders the same thing at restaurants. Except, you know platonic.

Because one of us (ahem, Elaine) is particularly obsessed with brunching at Las Palmas as of late, we figured why not give it an official Bloody Best visit. Obviously, drinks were in order.


One of us ordered La Maria India (tall, skinny number above), Las Palmas’ version of a bloody mary, which includes a housemade chipotle mix and Kettle One vodka. The other ordered the Margarita Carmesi because it sounded like a bloody mary and margarita in one. It essentially is: house-made roasted tomato juice infused with jalapeño, lime juice and Milagro tequila.


Here’s the thing: both drinks were incredibly tasty with a refreshing tomato-lime flavor and a hint of spice. But they tasted almost exactly the same—except for the fact that margarita had a distinct tequila flavor. Perhaps the bartender was different that day or there was a mix up of sorts. Hey, we’re not complaining. They both were good. Just not what we were expecting.


You guessed it. We ordered the exact same dish off the menu, Huevos con Chorizo. Isn’t that cute? Sure glad we did too. Neither of us would have been up for sharing. It’s a flavorful dish made with house-made chorizo, scrambled eggs and a crunchy tortilla, topped with pico de gallo, black refried beans & queso fresco. Our advice: go ahead and add a little of that salsa that comes with the complimentary chips.

We’re looking forward to coming back in the springtime when we can sit on the back patio. Girls can dream about warm weather, right? At any rate, the bright and airy sun room with its eclectic art was pleasant enough.


La Maria India and Margarita Carmesi: Our rating (scale of 1–5)

Taste: 3

Spice: 3.5

Treats: 2

Creativity: 3.5

Overall: 3

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