Johnny’s Famous BLT Mary, Hash House A Go Go

After the Thrillist article with our picks for the most ridiculously garnished bloody marys, we decided there’s still work to do.

We needed to put our money where are mouths are and check out the rest of the bloodies for ourselves. And that’s how we waded through a drunken sea of green to try Hash House A Go Go on St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

As it turns out, Johnny’s Famous BLT Mary isn’t a brunch cocktail. It’s a drinkable brunch appetizer. Crisp, spicy bacon atop lettuce and tomato, accompanied with a piece of white toast and a mayonnaise packet. Oh, and there’s a bloody mary underneath all of that.


You can get distracted and forget the bloody mary tastes pretty good. A well-seasoned tomato base that leans heavily on pickle and horseradish flavors and is complemented by spicy bacon. The issue we had with this bloody is that it’s too literal with the mayonnaise packet. Condiments belong in the bloody not in a packet. And, let’s be real. Isn’t mayonnaise gross on its own?


Hash House A Go Go has more down-to-earth bloodies like this HH Stone Bloody Mary that comes with, you guessed it, Stone Pale Ale. A refreshing, more relaxed bloody mary alternative. Plus, a regular bloody with our old pal vodka.

The theme at this spot, which has locations in other cities like San Diego and Las Vegas, is Twisted Farm food, including Indiana Favorites like meatloaf, fried pork tenderloin, biscuits and gravy and mashed potatoes. All in insanely huge portions. Now, one of us grew up in Southern Indiana and is pretty sure she didn’t eat like this. At least all the time. Prepare to leave very full unless you take half of your meal with you.



The House Hashes were a popular choice at the table with rosemary biscuits being a highlight. Not ordered but marveled were the flapjacks, which were bigger than the plate they arrived on. And if we said we weren’t curious about the pork tenderloin, we’d be lying. Has anyone tried it? We can imagine it tastes a little like home.

We still feel confident that this bloody deserves its spot on our ridiculous garnish list. Everything at Hash House A Go Go was tasty, yet a little over the top.

Johnny’s Famous BLT Bloody Mary:  Our rating (scale of 1–5)

Taste:       3

Spicy:   3

Treats:  3

Creativity: 3.5

Overall:      3.125


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