Miami meets Midwest: Our signature bloodies

We spend a lot of time talking about bloody marys and our fair city, Chicago. You get it, we love them. We wax poetic about food and libations, but reveal little about ourselves. Somewhat on purpose.

For example, you may or may not know Elaine hails from Miami. Her family is from Cuba, and she speaks Spanish fluently. She’s also a brillz designer who can rock lipstick better than 99% of ladies (and gents) out there. And Amber? A Hoosier girl with a signature bob who’s tiny but thinks she’s fierce. Often seen shoulder dancing. Wherever. Is it weird we’re talking about ourselves in third person? Sure, but so are we.

In the spirit of sharing, we thought it’d be fun to create bloody marys that reflect ourselves and our roots. Without further ado…

Cuban Mary by Elaine

The Cuban Mary is made with flavors used in traditional Cuban cooking. Contrary to popular belief, Cuban food is not spicy. Common ingredients include garlic, cumin and Sazon Goya on everything. I used Garlic Chili Cholula to infuse garlic flavor while still bringing a little heat. I sprinkled in half packet of Sazon Goya with cilantro to season it. Lime V8 gives it a unique base, reminiscent of  lime juice squeezed over Cuban dishes.


The garnish represents a Cuban sandwich by using swiss cheese, pork, ham and bread and butter pickles. I left out the mustard and Cuban bread, but I’m sure you understand.


Cuban Mary

Serves one

7 oz. Lime V8

2 oz. Stoli vodka

1 oz. Garlic Lime Cholula

1/2 packet Sazon Goya


Garlic salt

Midwest Mary by Amber 

What’s funny is that I grew up hating tomatoes. My grandparents grew red, yellow, green tomatoes in their garden, and my family ate them in every meal. I’d only eat them in spaghetti sauce or ketchup. Times have changed. To represent southern Indiana, Midwest Mary was created to taste down-to-earth, honest and homegrown, as if from a garden. I picked flavors like horseradish, pickle juice, lemon juice and added a kick with hot sauce and A1.


The garnish was inspired by meat and cheese dishes I grew up loving. Also, the beer back is charmingly Midwestern. I picked Upland Helios Pale Ale, a beer brewed in Bloomington, Indiana, home of my alma mater, Indiana University. Best enjoyed in a Nick’s English Hut glass.


Midwest Mary,

Serves one

7 oz. V8

2 oz. Stoli vodka

1/2 tsp. hot sauce

4 pours Worcestershire sauce

1/4 tsp. A1 sauce

1/2 tsp. horseradish

1 tsp. dill pickle juice

lemon juice

fresh cracked pepper

We hope you enjoy our signature bloody marys! Please let us know what you think. While we’re sharing, be sure to check out the fabulous bloody mary by Cait from Pretty and Fun. We won’t give too much away, but it includes a delicious Stoli bloody concoction and a gorgeous bar setup.

Cheers, everyone!

This post was sponsored by Stoli. Opinions and photography are our own. Join Stoli in their coast-to-coast search for your favorite local flavors by following #SearchForMary. 

STOLICHNAYA® Premium Vodka and Flavored Premium Vodkas. 37.5%-40% Alc/Vol. (75-80 proof). Distilled from Russian Grain. Stoli Group USA, LLC, New York, NY ©2014 Spirits International, B.V.

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