Demitri’s: The Bartender’s (and Our) Choice

We never need an excuse to drink a bloody mary. (Do you guys? Asking for a friend.) However, we took the sun shining a few Saturdays ago as a reason to enjoy a few. And for this, we looked to Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasonings.


Why is it called a seasoning and not a mix, you ask? Great question. You make Demitri’s in a small batch, adding two ounces of seasoning to 1 quart of tomato juice. We love this trend in bloody mary making because it lets you dial the tomato flavor up or down, depending on what you’re into. Also, made with 100% natural ingredients. Win.


Speaking of what you’re into, we’re seriously into spicy bloodies. Demetri’s comes in four varieties, Classic Recipe, Extra Horseradish, Chiles and Peppers and Chipotle-Habernero. We had to go for bold and try the Chipotle-Habernero with the Bacon-Flavored Rim Shot. After all it’s “Made with smoked jalapeños and whole pureed habañero peppers, this is one is for serious heat lovers!” BACON RIM SALT, in case you missed that.


Are you up for some heat? This one is seriously spicy, y’all. Smoky and even a little sultry, just the way we like it. We made ours with whiskey, adding to the smoky oak flavors. The husband (Amber’s), also known as the unofficial Bloody Best taste tester, gave it a try and now has a full chest of hair. (We kid ,we kid.) Hella flavorful, even if not for the faint of heart. Here’s the thing, you can always add more tomato juice (or V8 in our case) if the spice gets too intense.

And if you can’t take the heat, get at the other varieties! We’ve tried the Extra Horseradish, and it’s flavorful and delicious with the right balance of horseradish. We’re stoked to try them all. You can also use the seasonings in sauces and marinades, which we’re particularly looking forward to as grilling season approaches. (Ahem, husband/taste tester) They would also be great for entertaining since Demetri’s is best made in batches. Oh, and they make margarita mixes. Not that we’re in the least bit excited about drinking beverages outdoors again. Not at all.

Check out Demitri’s Bloody Mary seasoning at your nearest retailer or order online.

*Products were complimentary. Opinions and photography are our own. 


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2 thoughts on “Demitri’s: The Bartender’s (and Our) Choice

  1. Demitri says:

    Awesome review, thanks! Just in time for weekend “hangovers to be…” Cheers! Demitri

  2. Demitri says:

    PS: If you haven’t tried it already, this stuff also makes an outstanding marinade!!

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