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Know of a fantastic bloody mary in Chicago that you think world should know about? We take suggestions! Leave your tips in the comments below or email us at


7 thoughts on “Follow us

  1. I want to brunch with you! Pick me! Pick me!

    Destination of choice? Fountainhead.

  2. bloodybest says:

    Yes, yes! Let’s for real brunch at Fountainhead soon. We’d love it. Bloodys, brunch, blogs ❤

  3. Love your exploration for the best Bloody Mary! All the photos are very good. Any suggestions for a recipe at home of the best Bloody Mary? Thanks for following my blog!

  4. Best Bloody Mary I’ve ever had was in Milwaukee at the Wicked Hop……I’ve even taken the train here just to have one of their amazing Bloodys…..spicy, with a skewer of sausage, a pepper, shrimp, an olive, a celery skewer, topped with cheese whips and a beer side car. Unreal…….the only thing i would add? A side of bacon. SRSLY. Oh! And a great addition to your gift guide: ordering cheese whips from the wisconsin cheese mart. Love your blog!!!

    • bloodybest says:

      One of us gals have actually been there and it is a great bloody! Also loved Cafe Benelux across the street. Maybe even a little better. We need to get up there again and make it official Bloody Best business. Great gift idea too! Sounds delicious. Cheers!

  5. You forgot about us. Please look at our site for the mega mary just yesterday we served 150 of these beauties. We do over 100 every sunday why is it no one comes out to the small towns for the best in the midwest. Our bloodys come with mini slider beet brat bacon cherry tomatos cherry peppers munster cheese olives pepperchini peppers pepperjack cheese olives celery fresh onion and slice of lemon lime and pepperoni you also get a choice of a sausage original straw u can eat or a chipolte straw u can eat all served in a 27 oz mug standard id 3 shhots sobeskis vodka or upgrade with either bacon or cuccumber vodka just wanted u to know thanks shawn 224 828 9060

  6. almiller121 says:

    Hi there!
    My name is Allison, I found your “Bloody Best” Blog on I’m a Casting Director from Los Angeles and I’m in Chicago with my Team working on a job creating videos of for Samsung to use on their website. The Director is really hoping to find a Female Food Blogger.

    We shoot this week and I’d love to speak to you today or tomorrow if possible? Hope you’re having a great day and looking forward to connecting with you!
    Kindest Regards,

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