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Best Bloody Marys We Drank in 2014

2014 was a bloody good year indeed.

We brunched and imbibed at some of the city’s best bloody mary spots. Not to mention the fact that we were on Windy City Live (!!), attended two delicious bloody mary contests and partnered with Thrillist to find Chicago’s most ridiculous bloody marys and name the best bloody marys by Chicago neighborhood. This was perhaps our bloody best year yet.

Looking back at the delicious bloody marys we enjoyed, the struggle is real to pick our favorites. There are so many solid ones to pick from. However, three distinctly stood out to us.

3. Big Jones


This Andersonville spot brings a taste of the Big Easy to Chicago. And this includes their signature bloody mary, which we loved for its simplicity and flavor. This bloody mary a standout, thanks to its quality ingredients that include tomato juice (duh), lemon juice, Crystal hot sauce, housemade worcestershire and fresh horseradish. If this wasn’t reason enough to check out Big Jones, their complimentary beignets are. Read original post here.

2. Bub City



We learned about the deliciousness of Bub City at Chicago’s First Bloody Mary Competition and had to check it out for ourselves. Usually, bloody mary bars can be overwhelming. Not here. After ordering, you take your token to the bar, hand it to the bartender and begin by picking your rimmer and your poison (your choice of vodka, rye, bourbon and tequila). Then, choose your mix (we reco the house mix, which you can also buy) and round out with garnishes and a High Life pony.

While you pick the variations, this bloody mary proves to be incredible. It’s smoky and spicy, mostly in part to BBQ spices and cumin. Plus, we adore the garnishes bar, in particular the pimento-cheese-stuffed olives, roasted green peppers and shrimp. Original post here.

1. Sunda


When bloody marys have over-the-top garnishes, we don’t usually buy the hype. Sure, Sumo Mary topped our Thrillist list for most ridiculous bloody mary, but not for nothing. The flavor of the drink itself is pretty amazing. Chef Jess, its creator, let us in on the secret. In addition to cucumber and cilantro, this giant bloody includes a Vietnamese dipping sauce, garlic vinaigrette and yuzu, a Japanese fruit. Overall, it’s distinct, refreshingly flavorful and unmistakably Asian. Different from any other bloody mary we’ve ever had.

But the topic of all conversation: the meal on top. This garnish isn’t for the faint of heart, including: a baked Alaska crab roll, Chinese duck bao bun, piece of thick braised pork belly and grilled cheese with tochino (Filipino sausage), oshinko (Japanese pickled radish), roasted potatoes, shishito peppers, loompya (Filipino egg roll), Chinese broccoli and four piece of bacon. And at 64 oz. and $40, this bloody mary is made for sharing. Original post here.

Honorable mentions

2014 was filled with great bloody marys, and several deserve a shout out. Two notable honorable mentions include Dusek’s in Pilsen and Dove’s Luncheonette in Wicker Park. We love Dusek’s Beer & Board Bloody Mary because it’s insanely well balanced and heavy on the horseradish. It’s the kind of bloody mary we want to drink every weekend. And new to the scene this fall, Dove’s Luncheonette’s bloody mary is smoky, spicy and flavorful, much like the restaurant’s Mexican-inspired fare. Check it out and thank us.

Thanks for drinking along with us in 2014! Wishing you all a great New Year’s and a spectacular 2015 ahead. Cheers!

xoxo, Amber and Elaine

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