The Bloodies

Bloody Marys are rated in terms of Taste, Spiciness, Treats and Creativity.
The final score is on a scale of 1–5.

Here’s where we’ve been so far:


Au Cheval (West Loop) / 4

avec (West Loop) / 3.5


Bangers & Lace (Wicker Park) / 4

Big Jones (Andersonville) / 3.9

Big Star (Wicker Park) / 4.25

Bin Wine Cafe (closed, Wicker Park) / 4

The Bristol (Bucktown) / 3.25

Bub City (River North) / 4.25


Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba (Lincoln Park) / N/A

Carriage House (Wicker Park) / 3.125

Central Standard (closed, River North) / 3.75

Chief O’Neill’s  (Avondale) / 3.5

City Tavern (closed, South Loop) / 3


Dillman’s (River North) / 4

Ditka’s Steakhouse (Gold Coast) / 3.75

Dove’s Luncheonette (Wicker Park) / 3.75

Dusek’s (Pilsen)  / 3.75


Eleven City Diner (South Loop) / 4.125


Flo (West Town) / 3.25

Fountainhead (Ravenswood) / 3

Frasca (Roscoe Village) / 3.175


Green Door Tavern (River North) / n/a


Handlebar (Wicker Park) / 3.5

Hash House A Go Go (Gold Coast) / 3.125

Homeslice (Lincoln Park) / 3.5

Hot Chocolate (Bucktown) / 3.125


Kingsbury Street Cafe (Lincoln Park) /


Las Palmas (Wicker Park) / 3

Linda’s Tavern (Seattle) / 3.25

Little Goat Diner (West Loop) / 4.5

Longman & Eagle (Logan Square) / 4

Lula Cafe (Logan Square) / 4


Nellcôte (West Loop) / 3.5


Old Town Social (Old Town) / 4


The Peasantry (Lincoln Park) / 3

The Publican (West Loop) / 4


Rockit Bar & Grill (River North) / 3.5


The Savoy (closed, Wicker Park) / 4.5

Siena Tavern (River North) / 3.375

Smoke Daddy (Ukrainian Village) / 3

The Southern (Bucktown) / 3.5

Storefront Company (closed, Wicker Park) / 3

Summer House Santa Monica (Lincoln Park) 3.25

Sunda (River North) / 4.5


Three Aces (Little Italy / 3.5

Trenchermen (Wicker Park) / 3.25

Tweet (Edgewater) / 3

Twisted Spoke (West Town) / 4.5

2 Sparrows  (Lincoln Park) / 2.75


19 thoughts on “The Bloodies

  1. Kate says:

    Love the concept of your blog…I too am on the hunt for the best bloody mary. Although a suburbanite I just spent the weekend in Milwaukee…you should give them a try. We tried: Steny’s, Wicked Hop, Smoke Shack, The Harp and AJ Bombers….would love to hear your reviews on them

  2. Shannon says:

    You should try Green Door Tavern’s Bloody Mary Bar Saturday or Sunday morning!

  3. Ba Ba Reeba – best presentation
    Dragon Ranch – most unique (but holy heartburn after the moonshine bloody)
    Pour House – best in show/ hugest (tied for 1st with Au Cheval in my book)
    RL – biggest let down 😦
    Brunch – most inappropriate (hard to enjoy good booze with 3 year olds running around)
    Cantina Laredo – strongest in a bad way
    Au Cheval – strongest in a great way
    Smoke Daddy – tooootally next on my list thanks to your pics
    Bloody Best – new favorite Sunday morning read

  4. katie says:

    Have you tried the brunch and bloody bar at green door tavern yet?!

  5. katie says:

    I can’t wait to see it!!!!!!

  6. Jimmy B says:

    To be fair, I haven’t read through the full blog; however, at quick glance, I didn’t notice Frasca on your list. I was very pleasantly surprised to find their bloody mary to be one of the better specimens I have found in the city. I would definitely recommend a visit there.

    On a side note, I am trying to put together a Christmas gift for a friend. I would like to purchase some Chicago bloody mary mixes and do a “tour of Chicago DIY bloody”. I know that Frasca and Twisted Spoke sell their mixes….and you seem to be a big fan of Vintage Vine. Do you know of others that you would recommend?

    • bloodybest says:

      Oooh Frasca! We’ve been but have not officially reviewed! Adding it to our lists!

      What a great gift! Definitely Twisted Spoke and Vintage Vine. You might also pick up house made mixes from Eleven City Diner and Smoke Daddy. Also, Stu’s is not tied to a restaurant but has a unique spin on a bloody (not to mention great packaging). Best of luck!

  7. Matt Herron says:

    Vincent in Andersonville. Two words: “Cheese Monger” Bloodies are infused with some kind of burnt rye that makes the mix amazing. Probably in my top 3 in Chicago. Totally agree about Twisted Spoke…

  8. Katie Biehl says:

    Bottoms up in Landing Illinois Loaded Bloody Mary you can check them on their website or Facebook! It has everything

  9. Stephanie P says:

    I love the bloody marys at Uncommon Ground. They taste so fresh (almost healthy)! It doesn’t come with a lot of garnish but I don’t think it needs it.

  10. burt montalbano says:

    South suburban Lockport, Uncle Richie’s has an outstanding bloody give it a try.

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